The t-shirts manufactured by Paani Puri Clothing are unlike any other brand of clothing that you will come across in the Indian textile market. After their launch in April 2010, in just a matter of four years, this company has grown into a unique global brand combining the mental wavelengths of theAmerican. and Indian clothing styles. The company is also busy introducing celebrity style clothing, taking its inspiration from the vast spectrum of pop art. These clothes are being promoted by famous Bollywood stars like Imran Khan and his wife along with several other celebrities..

Humble Beginnings

Pani Puri presented its premier collection of clothing at the SOBO Mall in Tardeo, Mumbai. It has a vast range of shirts on offer, ranging between Rs.499 to Rs.1499 You can also try these mens fashion wear online on its website at It has become popular mainly because of its trendy tshirts for men. These shirts are eye catching and sleek. T-shirt junkies have also taken to this brand. It has more than 300 designs in new style mens wear, with each shirt being concept-based and incorporating the Pani Puri art philosophy into them.

Unique Inspiration

Pani Puri clothing is a brain-child of Rish Oberoi. Of all unlikely sources, the inspiration for the clothing line came from the famous film, Batman- the Dark Knight and Heath Ledger who plays the `Joker’ in the film. Oberoi imagined that the Joker was eating PaniPuri and the thought stuck. He got some creative people to get that image printed on t-shirt just for himself and his network of friends to mark the beginning of the Paani PuriClothing Company. Oberoi grew up in New Jersey, and was born in New York City. To him Indian pop culture is new , as  he has learned to adapt into it when he move to India 6 years ago. He took everything he learned growing up and in the past 6 years to give Paani Puri a very different fashion edge.

When the first lot of T-shirts came out after the print, people began to appreciate them and the demand kept rising, making it necessary for Oberoi to think in terms of a large scale clothing enterprise. Try these shirts and become part of the revolutionary pop art culture.

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